Celebrity moms love personalized necklaces

Next time you're flipping through a tabloids magazine or are walking along the streets of Los Angeles, check out the accessories ladies are wearing around their neck. More often than not, you'll see celebrity moms flaunting a delicate chain necklace with tiny engravings on a pendant, or a delicate cursive letter hanging off the links. These personalized jewelry pieces are perhaps their most favorite accessory, mostly because  they represent a whole lot more than just a silver or gold necklace.

This Mother's Day, consider giving your mom one of these specialized necklaces boasting her children's initials. No matter where you are, she'll keep you around her heart, just like dozens of busy celebrities do each day. If you've got little ones of your own, you can even consider this a special Mother's Day gift to yourself. Here are some of the different styles that today's celebrities are wearing.

Letter charm
Whether it's a lowercase, cursive "J" or a teeny tiny capitalized "L," these tasteful charm necklaces are sported by the hottest celebrities. Charlize Theron adopted her baby boy, Jackson, in March 2012, and has since purchased a yellow gold initial necklace by Dalla Nonna Jewelry to honor her adorable son. Theron isn't the only fan of this designer – Hilary Duff visited Access Hollywood Live to talk about Nonna as well, and show off her "L" necklace that honors her son, Luca. Duff went one step further in paying tribute to her little one by adding the calendar charm necklace to her collection, marking his birthdate, March 20, on the tiny gold-plated calendar. Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union are other ladies who sport the cute accessory.

Engraved initial
Perhaps the most popular variety, the engraved initial is seen on dozens of celebrities' necks, made by various designers. Helen Ficalora is one celebrity favorite, chosen by Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sandra Bullock. Ficalora makes circular, gold alphabet charms that hang on a dainty chain of your choosing – this style of necklace is great for those who might have several children or plan to have more, as they can simply add a letter for every son or daughter. Kourtney Kardashian opted for a more intricate magnolia pendant, made by Jordann Jewelry, with a classic "M" for Mason etched into the front. On the back, she included his birthdate, according to In Style magazine.

The whole shebang
Some moms want to shout their love for their kids from the rooftops. For these ladies, mom Christina Applegate has the perfect accessory. She wears her daughter's name, Sadie, around her neck in the form of a script nameplate, designed by celebrity favorite Jane Basch. If the "Sex and the City" inspired jewelry isn't for you, there are other ways to sport your child's name on your jewelry. Naomi Watts wears a custom-made charm necklace with a key and two dog tags, with each piece representing someone special in her life. The key is husband Liev Schrieber, and her sons' names adorn each of the thin gold dog tags. The accessories, designed by Jennifer Fisher, can be pricey, but you know they're one of a kind.