Calling all fashionistas: The top jewelry trends for spring and summer

It's that time of year when you feel like you're begging for Mother Nature to be kind. She teases you with that one warm day, so you eagerly whip out all of your tank tops, skirts, maxi dresses and sandals, thrilled to finally peel off the winter layers. Soon enough, that one day will turn into two, then a dozen, and before you know it, you'll be basking in the summer heat with nothing more than a sundress and strappy sandals. Of course, your outfit wouldn't be complete without the right jewelry accessories to boost it from a cute look to a killer ensemble. Each year, certain jewelry trends wax and wane, and this year, we're certainly seeing some chic pieces. Ready to refresh your collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces? Here are the top jewelry trends to embrace this spring and summer:

Floral fairies
Flowery prints are taking over more than just dresses and pants. The online jewelry trend portal, Adorn London, saw loads of floral accessories flouncing down the Spring/Summer 2013 runway, especially in the form of dramatic earrings and statement necklaces. Daisies and roses seemed to be the most popular, and were often paired with sparkling crystals in various pastel shades like sky blue and pale yellow.

"It's a very feminine look," Beth Cevasco, a co-owner of Scott's Custom Jewelers, told Capital Style magazine.

Hip to be square
Knowing your geometry isn't just for math whizzes in middle school. This year, geometric shapes in vibrant colors are huge, whether you try the trend with bracelets, earrings, rings or even anklets. Graphic shapes heavily inspired designers like Vivienne Tam this year. She mixed and matched squares, circles, triangles and diamonds in her clothing collection, as well as in the accessories she paired with each outfit. One good thing about this trend is that the look was highly popular in the '80s, so if you have any pieces tucked away, don't be afraid to whip them out and dust them off once again.

Jewels with a story
We all can appreciate a gorgeous piece of high-end jewelry just like the next person, but lately, the pieces that we yearn for the most are the ones that mean something special to the wearer. Whether it's one of your grandfather's old watches or a vintage brooch, these are often the pieces that make an ensemble stand out. Even if you don't have a collection of these heirloom pieces, there are plenty of ways you can get your hands on them, like by visiting local flea markets or antique shops. Plus, the demand is so high that jewelers are designing their pieces after these antique looks, so you can scoop up vintage-inspired jewels at boutique stores wherever you go.

Rose gold
Perhaps one of the biggest crazes that's happening now, colored gold is a fun way of incorporating a classic jewelry style in a new and fun way. Of all shades, rose looks best on virtually every complexion. Its soft, delicate hue pairs well with spring ensembles, and works flawlessly when you combine it with the equally feminine floral trend. Try finding a floral ring in rose gold or a sophisticated watch – both of these pieces are ones you can wear every day to add some playful femininity to any outfit.

Bohemian rhapsody
The boho-chic style seems to perk up as soon as the weather is warmer, and this year is no exception. Celebrities at Coachella have already revealed their free-spirited ensembles, which often involved an array of beaded bracelets. Some of the most eye-catching ones are the thick wrap bracelets in patterns like chevron or those that have textural designs. Long pendants are also a perfect way to embrace this trend, and look great when lounging poolside in your favorite bikini.