Get ready to flaunt your ring bling

Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Fergie and Megan Fox are only some of the celebrities who proudly flaunt their double- and triple-finger rings in crazy shapes and styles, showing that bracelets aren't the only things you can wear in bunches. Whether they make a flashy statement (Rihanna's "BAD" ring) or take on a sweet shape (Zoe Kravitz's boombox), these accessories can jazz up any ensemble, whether you're heading out to a cocktail party or catching a pro basketball game. 

Curious about how to jump on this ring party bandwagon? Here's an inside look on where the stars get their jewels and how you can embrace the trend.

"It" designer Jessica McCormack may be based in London, but her roots lie in New Zealand. This up-and-coming jewelry-maker started out as an auctioneer at Sotheby's in London, but quickly realized that crafting intricate and ornate accessories was her true passion. 

"I was making jewelry myself, just as a hobby," McCormack told The Wall Street Journal. "Then I was exposed to the most insane jewelry: like 1920s Cartier, Faberge, Lalique…Really important, amazing jewels. I think that it just triggered something, without me even knowing it."

McCormack caters to clients like Helena Bonham-Carter, Madonna and Rihanna, crafting rings made of amethyst and in shapes inspired by the New York City skyline. She often calls upon her Kiwi heritage in her designs as well, using New Zealand body art influences in many of her pieces, according to the news source.

How you can wear it
You don't have to fork up thousands of dollars to emulate the same bling ring styles as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez or Lana Del Rey. Us Weekly picked out some of the hottest rings that you can stack or wear on multiple fingers – and with their affordable price tags, you don't have to feel guilty about buying several. 

So, are you a ring stacker or a triple-finger ring kind of girl? Both looks have been seen on the red carpet, and can easily be worn in formal or more casual atmospheres. If you're daring like Rihanna, you can even find rings in sizes that fit the top half of your finger to add even more drama to your bejeweled hands.

If you're not sure which styles to try, consider snake-shaped and Aztec-inspired designs, both of which seem to be the latest ring trends.