Chrissy Teigen attracts the red carpet spotlight

Chrissy Teigen doesn't have to try hard to look fabulous. In fact, she can even forget to put on pants and look stunning and sophisticated. She recently attended the City Harvest charity event in New York City with fiance John Legend wearing a white tuxedo jacket, strappy heels, sparkly drop earrings and a chic gold watch. The blazer-like minidress certainly turned heads at the event, but Teigen is used to that – she's a model for Sports Illustrated, after all.

The IMG model is in the spotlight constantly, and has learned some tricks of the trade over the years, involving fashion and her own self-image, among other things. Here are some lessons you can learn from the gorgeous fashion model who not only knows how to accessorize designer clothes with all the right bracelets, watches and necklaces, but also knows how to post a hilarious comment in 140 characters or fewer.

Teigen tip no. 1: Laugh at yourself
Recently, Teigen wore a fitted black dress with a longer hemline than usual to the Jeffrey Fashion Cares 10th anniversary celebration in New York with her singer boyfriend. While the dress had a modest cut, it was extremely sheer. Like any confident woman would do, Teigen took to her Twitter page and tweeted at the fashion magazine Glamour, which had posted a blurb about the controversial dress. 

"I am Chrissy and even I say Chrissy's look was a don't," she tweeted. "It looks like black censor bars! Note to self: try on in the light."

Tip no. 2: Act like a robot
Want the model's perfect physique so you can flaunt your bod in a bikini this summer, perhaps with a long chain necklace or trendy upper arm bangles? Then get used to the same meal. Every day.

"We eat the same breakfast every day," Teigen told Bon Appetit. "We are like robots. I always do two eggs over easy with turkey bacon … and avocado. I carve it all up into a bowl so it's like a slop, and I load it with salt and pepper and Cholula."

No more worrying about struggling to secure that new studded belt buckle – Teigen's tasty diet plan has you covered.

Tip no. 3: Confidence, confidence
If you've scrolled through Teigen's Twitter page, seen her all dolled up on the red carpet or caught candid photos of her with John Legend, you've probably noticed the confidence that seems to ooze from her glowing skin. Whether your jewelry accessories have designer names or not, you can look 10 times better when you're comfortable with yourself. So take a tip from Teigen and flaunt your own unique style.