Dare to be different like ‘Girls’ star Jemima Kirke

With spring weather finally here and music festivals just on the horizon, channeling your inner free-spirited hippie seems to be the new style trend. While some fashionistas tend to go overboard (see half of the attendees of Coachella), others directly hit the bullseye nearly every time. One of these iconic fashionistas is Jemima Kirke, the scene-stealing costar of HBO's hit series "Girls." While she might have been roped into the TV project because creator Lena Dunham is one of her best buds, her innate talent and effortless style shines through in each scene.

Both the real-life actress/artist and her character onscreen, Jessa, perfect the vintage, bohemian style in a way that seems simple. Antique cuff bracelets, statement necklaces with sheer eyelet dresses, bejeweled headpieces and intricate hairstyles are only some of the one-of-a-kind looks that Jemima Kirke's character has sported in seasons one and two of the Brooklyn-based show. 

If you're dying to take some fashion risks, Kirke could be your go-to girl. Here are a few of the top looks that the stylish star has flawlessly pulled off onscreen:

Time to babysit
In one early episode of the show, Jessa asks cousin Shoshanna if her outfit is work-appropriate. "Shosh," as her friends call her, tactfully answers that her ensemble might be a tad threatening for her job as a babysitter. Her outfit consists of a sheer, eyelet dress on top of a hot pink bra and underwear set, and a magenta wrap sweater with a pompom trim. To top it all off, Jessa wore a beaded turquoise necklace, which added just one more pop of color to her out-of-this-world ensemble. The girl knows how to turn heads, if nothing else.

Make your ex miss you
If you know you have future plans with an ex, why not make him wish the two of you never broke up by wearing a sizzling hot geisha-inspired outfit like Jessa? Wearing a floral silk wrap dress with heels, a vintage cuff bracelet and dramatic drop earrings, the New York-chic girl looks like she's hitting the red carpet rather than the busy streets of the Big Apple to meet up with her ex-boyfriend. But, that's just the way Jessa rolls.

"The inspiration for Jessa comes straight from the script and from the way Jemima so deftly handles such a strong and singular character," costumer designer Jenn Rogien told Glamour. "Jessa is also a little bit inspired by all the amazing New York girls I see everyday on the streets who take a fashion risk and pull it off."