Perfect the carefree Coachella style this spring

Stacked bracelets, sunglasses, chunky belts, studded boots, chain necklaces – everything goes at Indio's Coachella music festival. The hottest celebrities show up year after year to this two-weekend event, and most of them make shopping trips weeks beforehand specifically to deck themselves out in the most stylish hippie-chic gear they can find. 

The true hippie days
Many of the Hollywood stars who have attended in the past few years are too young to know much about the Woodstock days, but they certainly look the part. Vanessa Hudgens is one of those free-spirited celebs, who claims she would have been right up in the front row for Janis Joplin's set, had she been alive at the time. 

"The first time I went [to Coachella], I thought 'This is heaven,'" Hudgens told Cosmopolitan in the April issue. "You just feel completely free. I'm going to go every single year until I die."

If you're as excited as the former Disney star about Coachella, you can look the part by following these tips.

Bracelets galore
Last year, Hudgens was one of dozens of A-list attendees who wore eclectic attire and layered the jewelry on top of their ensembles. Of course, stacked bracelets are a must, as you already have an arm party going on with your multiple wristbands for each day you attend and every VIP tent you visit. Why not add some chic bangles, leather wraps and studded bands to the mix?

Put a ring on it
Any rules about how many accessories to wear at once goes out the window at an event like Coachella, and the number of rings people sport is certainly a testament to that. Even Usher and Kellan Lutz adorned their fingers with some bling last year, and dozens of female celebrities wore ring after ring on each finger. 

Whether you're wearing shorts, a long flowy dress, printed pants or a maxi skirt, you can add some shape to your outfit with a belt that has an eye-catching buckle. Many of the styles of clothing that seem popular during this festival are loose-fitting, so instead of feeling frumpy, your belt can help cinch the whole outfit together.

Layer on the necklaces
Perfecting the necklace style at Coachella is not only easy, but it can be fun too. Chains of varying length work best for this look, and if you have some with unique pendants, be sure to add those to your quirky collection. Emma Watson paired a simple, short necklace with a longer chain toting a shark's tooth, while Kate Bosworth piled on several long chains to play up the super-mini length of her dress.