The perfect engagement ring for every bride

Cushion-cut, princess, radiant, marquise – some brides-to-be dream about their perfect engagement rings, while others may be wondering what these words even mean. Either way, you and your significant other have some big decisions to make when it comes to picking out the right ring.

Though you might want to be surprised with the proposal, your loved one might appreciate a hint or two as to which sparkling rock you'd prefer. Here's a breakdown of particular shapes and cuts, and what each might say about you if you prefer one over the other.

With 58 facets, it's no surprise that a round-cut diamond is one of the most popular out there – it sparkles like no other. If you consider yourself a traditional bride and imagine yourself walking down the aisle in a flowing white dress in your old church, then the classic, round shape might be what you're looking for. While the diamond is tastefully simple, there are a variety of ways to make it one of a kind, whether by surrounding it with a bed of tiny diamonds or placing it on a clean, platinum band and allowing it to draw all the attention itself.

Attention, all 2013 brides: The cushion cut is trending this year, according to MSN Shopping. Along with other vintage items that are coming back in style as of late, the cushion cut possesses an antique-looking edge over other shapes, and because of its large facets, it glimmers beautifully in any light, whether at a dim, candle-lit dinner or out on the beach under the hot sun.

According to the experts at Brides magazine, the marquise-cut diamond is meant to maximize carat weight, making the rock on your hand seem larger than life. As such, it's only fitting that some of Hollywood's elite have this jaw-dropping diamond cut on their ring finger, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Victoria Beckham. Zeta-Jones's famed 10-carat marquise diamond sits horizontally across her finger, which is a more unique take on the diamond, while Beckham wears hers vertically. Both placements have a way of emphasizing just how dramatic this stone really is, so it's essentially up to you on your own personal preference.

Speaking of diamond placement, the setting you choose can also showcase your ring in a classic or modern way. Many modern brides admire the halo look, which involves a bed of smaller diamonds wrapped around the center stone. This year, however, the double halo has been gaining popularity. This not only adds another beautiful row of sparkling crystals to your ring, but it makes the solitaire seem even larger. 

Others prefer an intricate, eye-catching design to their ring, which is where the twisted or bypass setting comes into play. If you dare to be different in every facet of your life, then choosing to show off your sparkly diamond facets in a bold setting could be your best bet. 

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Once you've determined the look and feel of your dream engagement ring, all you have to do is make sure that the most important person knows how you feel, too. If you want the element of surprise, consider sharing these hints to a friend and having her pass the message on to your special someone.