TV actress Kat Dennings pulls off the choker look

The 2013 Paleyfest Panel has proven to be quite the scene for fashionistas – the cast of TV show "2 Broke Girls" was no exception. Actress Kat Dennings kept her look casual yet chic in a fitted blazer, slouchy gray top and fitted jeans with just a touch of metal – a layered silver choker necklace

The choker has been popular in fashion throughout history, all the way back to the 16th century when Anne Boleyn wore her famous "B" necklace. In its earlier days, you would see wealthy women wearing strings of pearls or stones like aquamarine and diamond wrapped closely around the neck, while lower members of society would copy the style with a thin ribbon. Sometimes, the ribbon would be accented with a jeweled slide or pin of their choice. Typically, the more intricate and detailed the piece, the higher up in society the women would be.

Today, any style goes – collar-like chokers, spiky, turquoise or layered have all been seen on the red carpet. Quite often, they make a bold appearance on the runway as well – last year's fall 2012 shows saw several designers embracing the timeless trend, including Ralph Lauren, Givenchy and Jean Paul Gaultier. These iconic fashion leaders chose some of the boldest ways to wear the style, like strips of thick, black leather covering a model's entire neck.

Whether you opt for an elegant piece like the ones worn by ladies like Princess Diana or a punk-rocker choker that could be seen on Gwen Stefani, you can embrace the style in a number of ways. The statement piece typically doesn't need much enhancement, so minimal jewels everywhere else is sufficient to pull off the look.