She shoots, she scores: Bold hoops are the latest celebrity trend

Sometimes less is more, but lately, the opposite seems to ring true for hoop earrings. Carmen Electra, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga have flaunted the larger-than-life hoop earring style in the past week, channeling their inner hip-hop diva and wearing them with confidence.

Electra showed a feistier side in West Hollywood during an evening of nonstop partying, where she wore a form-fitting black dress with midriff cut-outs and tried an unusual hairstyle that Rihanna's been rocking as of late. While Electra didn't shave off half of her hair, she did have a portion wrapped in cornrows, while the other half rested long and luscious down one side. Paired with her massive gold hoops, chunky gold rings offset her all-black attire.

The other two starlets, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, used their hoops to start a buzz on social media. Both pop stars posted pictures on Instagram of themselves wearing flashy gold hoops bearing the word "Ratchet" in the center, which happens to be the name of Lady Gaga's song that is rumored to come out in the near future. The suspicious coincidence has alluded to the fact that the pair may be in the works of making a sequel to "Telephone." While nothing has been confirmed, it seems hard to deny the Instagram shots.

According to the Los Angeles Times, "ratchet" is slang for an around-the-way girl from the ghetto, which might also explain another rumor that's been milling about this new song. Young new rap star Azealia Banks has also been in talks of appearing on this new single, the news source reports.

Confirmation has yet to surface from any of the women, but one thing's for sure: These daring hoop earrings are sure to make waves among style circles across the country.