Padma Lakshmi looks the part as the 5th Annual Blossom Ball host

"Top Chef" judge and beauty Padma Lakshmi finds a passion in more than just quality cuisine. The host stepped out at the Capitale in New York City as the hostess of The Endometriosis Foundation of America's 5th Annual Blossom Ball on Monday. Joined by Sanjay Gupta and Susan Sarandon, among other philanthropists, Lakshmi looked like a regal princess, dressed in a patterned, floor-length fitted gown. Her outfit was accented by a pair of gold dangle earrings and a bright pink pout. 

The event featured musical guests De La Soul and DJ Miles Guthrie Robbins, as well as a tantalizing feast that would make the "Top Chef" judging panel proud. 

Lakshmi has been keeping busy, filming her hit reality show and promoting her new V8 V-Fusion energy drink. Aligning perfectly with Daylight Savings Time, the drink's release event will offer New York passersby free samples, along with complimentary manicures and massage packages, according to The Daily Meal.

"I prefer to spring forward than to fall back," Lakshmi told the news source. "I do miss that extra hour of sleep, though."

While her earrings were the most eye-catching accessory of her ensemble, she also adorned her fingers with matching gold rings to complete the look. Of course, with every elegant ring, a polished manicure should follow close behind. Lakshmi chose a classic red hue, one of the only bold colors to complement her monochromatic, printed dress. 

Lakshmi is one of many celebrities who puts her money toward good causes like this event to support endometriosis research. The disorder causes womb cells to grow in other parts of the body, and The Endometriosis Foundation aims to research and discover new ways to treat and prevent the disease.