Mariah Carey dazzles at ‘American Idol’ Finalists Party

Mariah Carey is enjoying her job as one of the judges on this season of "American Idol," and she recently partied at The Grove during an event for the top 10 contestants who were recently chose. According to People, she looked fantastic while doing so in a tight black lace dress, dazzling earrings, diamond-studded bracelets and big, bold rings

Carey has been quite busy as of late. Not only is she judging the hit show, but she is also working on her next album, perfecting her butterfly jewelry collection and she has recently launched her twelfth fragrance, Dreams. 

"I humbly call myself a 'perfumer-in-training' because I love it so much. Almost as much as I love making music!" Carey told People StyleWatch. "The process of creating a fragrance is exhilarating and it takes me to another place within my creative self."

The singer has had a great deal of fragrances before – such as her candy-inspired collection or the Forever scent, which captured the scent of when she and her husband Nick Cannon fell in love. This new scent will be a mix of toasted almonds, vanilla and honeysuckle, the media outlet reports.