Olivia Palermo skips fashion week to hang with beau

Olivia Palermo has made an impact on the fashion world, as she has become a well-known style icon who many fashionistas turn to when they are in need of an expert's opinion. As a result, many expected Palermo to attend Paris Fashion Week, but the starlet was in Hamberg, Germany, with her German model boyfriend, Johannes Huebl, according to CelebrityCafe. 

She did look good while doing so, rocking a white dress with a bright orange blazer and hunter green sandals. She finished off the look with a bold statement necklace and layers of bangle bracelets, the media outlet reports. 

The fashionista is planning on becoming a designer down the line, after she cements herself in the fashion industry – not that the 27-year-old has not done so yet, the Belfast Telegraph reports. When she does go for designing, she thinks she will start off her collection with evening​ wear. 

"It's definitely something I'm looking in to," Palermo told British magazine Look. "I want to build my company the proper way, over time. Once I settle down and create the line, it will most likely be evening​ wear."