Keri Russell wows at her new show’s screening

Keri Russell is making her comeback to TV, and she is doing so in style. According to The Huffington Post, the former “Felicity” star has a new show out, FX’s “The Americans,” which is set in the 1980s. During the screening of her new show, Russell looked fantastic in black leather pants by Alexander McQueen, black Jimmy Choo pumps, a beige top by The Row and sparkling diamond stud earrings – making for quite the red carpet look. With this ensemble, the subtle jewelry worked for her, but a statement necklace would have really added something to the look. 

Russell’s new show, in which which she costars with Matthew Rhys, is about two KGB spies who are living in the United States and posing as a happy married couple with two children, but reporting back to the Soviet Union. According to Rolling Stone, she was attracted to the role right off the bat. 

“I just thought the show has so many different elements that I think are compelling. Most interesting to me is really just this relationship [with husband and fellow KGB spy, Philip, [played by Rhys]. I love the idea that it was this arranged marriage – that you see very clearly that he obviously is in love with her, but is she in love with him?” Russell told the media outlet. 

Russell admits there are a number of things she loves about her character, Elizabeth. One thing’s for sure, the character is much different than her previous roles such as “Felicity” and “Waitress.” 

“I like that she’s so adventurous and confident sexually outside of her marriage, and then when there’s a real intimacy [with her husband], she’s so cold,” Russell told the publication. “There’s somewhere to go with that.”