Molly Sims rocks black ensemble at Elle event

Molly Sims was one of the many gorgeous ladies at the Elle Women in Television Celebration at the Soho House in West Hollywood this past Thursday night. According to Styleite, Sims donned a long black dress with an intricate neckline, leather jacket, studded earrings and a bracelet. Her blonde hair was styled in an updo and she carried around a black clutch. The event honored starlets in shows such as “Homeland,” “Revenge” and “Mad Men.” 

Sims, who gave birth to her son, Brooks Alan, last June, hasn’t had the easiest of times losing the baby weight and she was open about these issues during the event, Us Weekly reports. 

“I’m still about ten pounds away and my baby is seven months. And I look at Claire Danes at the Globes and I’m like, ‘I hate you,'” Sims told the publication. 

The 39-year-old mom admits that she gained nearly 64 pounds while she was pregnant as the result of a thyroid condition. She is on her way to getting her pre-baby body back, but the entire process has been a struggle. 

“I’m jealous [of women like Danes]. I wish to God I could have done it that way. But my body just didn’t,” Sims told the news source. “And I’m so happy I have an amazing, happy, healthy, gorgeous, Buddha-like son, but I…wish it would have been easier. I tell my husband, it made me depressed a little.”

Tons of A-list mothers seem to get their pre-baby bodies back fast, making it easy to forget they even had a big baby belly. Danes as well as Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Amy Adams, Adriana Lima and Padma Lakshmi​ were all able to return to their pre-baby bodies within months of their babies’ births.