Emily Blunt rocks stunning black gown at recent event

Emily Blunt looked nothing short of elegant when she arrived at the annual London Film Critics Circle Film Awards. According to People magazine, the gorgeous star donned a form-fitting black gown, which she paired with a massive black belt, studded earrings and a few gold braceletsEven though Blunt did not win for her role in “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” at the awards, she certainly wowed people with her fashion choice.

Blunt has been in a great deal of movies over the years, and played a variety of different roles. When it comes to channeling inspiration for her comedic roles, she explains that she looks to her family, VeryBlog.com reports. 

“I grew up in a family where there was lots of laughter and people doing impersonations. It was a rowdy, fun household – I’m one of four kids – and everyone to this day is still doing impersonations of each other and telling stories,” Blunt told the news source. 

Blunt also commented that she would be up for starring in a sequel to “The Devil Wears Prada” if the option were available, the media outlet reports.