Connie Britton celebrates Golden Globes week with kick off party

Many starlets stepped out for the Audi Golden Globes 2013 Kickoff Party this past Sunday, but few looked as marvelous as Connie Britton. The stunning actress donned a lovely red gown, which was accessorized with matching heels, dazzling bangle bracelets, massive earrings and a black clutch. A thin red belt cinched her tiny waist, and her auburn hair was left down in loose curls, the Daily Mail reports.

Britton recently opened up about her role on "Nashville" as country icon Rayna James, for which she is nominated. Britton is up for best actress in a television series and is competing with Glenn Close, Julianna Margulies, Claire Danes and Michelle Dockery. Britton discussed how excited she was to take part in a show that featured music. She even sings to her adopted son Yoby all the time, and thought that was the practice she needed, she said.

"It is really true, I sing to him all the time. Poor thing practically never hears me just say a straight word. I sing everything like we're in a musical," she joked on "The View" a few weeks ago. "I guess he likes it. He wasn't able to defend himself because he couldn’t speak until just recently."

Singing and dancing is not something new for Britton, as this is what her direction was before she broke out in the acting world and starred in shows such as "Friday Night Lights" and "American Horror Story."

"Honestly I was really excited because I used to sing and dance when I first started out," Britton told Rachael Ray. "But I hadn't done it in a lot of years. I mean, I hadn't done it in a long time. So when this came along I just thought, this is an exciting opportunity and so amazing to play a country star. I was excited about the challenge to get back in my singing voice and all of that."

However, it wasn't the easiest of transitions, and the star even admitted that her vocal coach had to help her with a little boost – a glass of whiskey. Even though the starlet isn't the biggest fan of whiskey, she told Ray that she took it to calm her nerves, but now, she is simply having a blast.