Top jewelry trends for the holiday season

The holiday season is officially here, and many are gearing up to spend some quality time with friends and family while also shopping around for the perfect gifts. Some fashionistas may also be getting ready for the few holiday parties they have coming up, and are most likely concerned with what they are going to wear – and this includes their jewels. Here are some of the latest trends for jewelry this season.

Mix the metals
Mixing gold, bronze and silver has become one of the most popular trends, and this is perfect for the holiday season, which is full of of these sparkling metals. Try stacking different bangle bracelets of different metallic hues and pair it with a simple black dress to give the look a little edginess. Even though you can rock this look with necklaces, it may be best to only stack bracelets for a subtle, yet chic look.

Rock gold whenever you can
Those who are not big fans of mixing metals can just go for the gold. These metallic hue is not only being sported on jewels, but also shirts, skirts and bags. Whether you are going for a subtle look or a more standout piece, gold is the way to go. This looks fantastic with a number of ensembles – just pair gold accessories to your holiday party dress!

Don't forget the classic pearls
It has long been confirmed that pearls will never go out of style, and in the fashion world, that says a lot. You can opt for a necklace full of pearls or one with just a few of these gorgeous beads. They also come in a variety of colors, and gray pearls will give off an amazing look this holiday season. So, pick out that pearl earring, necklace or bracelet and rock it to your first party this season for a classically beautiful style!

Layer them up!
Another great and fashionable way to rock you favorite jewels this holiday season is to layer them. Stack on the bracelets or necklaces – different colors and metals – to get the desired effect. Any dress or party outfit will reap the benefits of fun, layered jewels – and the more glamorous, the better!