Fall trend: Spiked drop earrings

It is no secret that one of the latest jewelry trends is the bigger, the better. However, a new style that is emerging is bringing an edgy twist to this idea. Fashionistas who have tuned into what A-list celebrities have been sporting lately, have likely noticed a number of spiked drop earrings, which feature a triangle-like design in form of spike. According to People Magazine, these fierce yet chic earrings have been seen on the likes of Kate Beckinsale and Amy Poehler.

There are a number of ensembles in which these earrings will be the perfect addition. For instance, a casual outfit will get a little punch with these jewels. However, ladies can also dress up an elegant gown with these earrings, just opt for the smaller version rather than massive spikes to create a simpler look.

This could go perfectly with other popular trends such as tassel necklaces, which have also been circulating in the trend styles as of late. Match both with a few bangle bracelets and any fashionista will be envious of the creative, adorable and affordable style.