Election Day: Support the vote through jewelry

Beyonce has been a well known supporter for the reelection of President Barack Obama, and after his win last night, it is clear her efforts were worth it. She helped raise about $4 million with husband Jay-Z, as the two hosted a fundraiser recently. The iconic singer got her political voice out there, and she even did so through her jewelry and accessories.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Beyonce was recently spotted donning "Obama" gold hoop earrings, showing her support through her jewels. Once she was spotted wearing the earrings, the sales for the earrings spiked overnight. The earrings, designed by Erika Peña, went from selling five pairs to 1,300.

Somewhat surprisingly, Beyonce's style has influenced a number of people in swing states. The earrings have seen a surge of purchases in a few states that were unexpected, the media outlet reports.

"We've made a lot of sales in New York, California, New Jersey and Florida, which is funny because Florida often [votes] Republican," Peña told the news source.

Getting a message out there through jewels and accessories has never been easier, as personalized jewelry such as nameplate bracelets or necklaces with a person's initial has been growing in popularity.