Rings become popular menswear, to a certain set

There are plenty of men out there who couldn't care less about jewelry. While it's got to be said that the addition of a watch or a tasteful bracelet can bring sophistication and class to a male's outfit, some would rather wear sweatpants and their local team's jersey at all times.

These guys may interested to know that the championship rings for the Miami Heat were recently presented to members of last season's winning team during the season opener with the Boston Celtics on Oct. 30. LeBron James nearly immediately took to twitter to show off his luxurious bauble.

According to celebrity news provider TMZ, each ring weighs 115 grams and is made of a mix of 14-karat white and yellow gold. There are 219 diamonds inlaid in each piece and they each feature a picture of the winning trophy and the word "Champions."

This could be just the motivation men need to add some accessories into their lives. Guys can invest in their own, if less luxurious rings, which some men like to wear on their pinkies, middle fingers or thumbs, if they're single. Otherwise, most guys wear a band on their left ring fingers, and the inclusion of diamonds is becoming more popular for those offerings as well.