Glide your way into fall fashions

When you hit a certain age, many people give up their teenage pastimes. This might include hanging celebrity posters on the wall, joyriding with friends when you're bored on a weeknight or wearing certain clothing styles. For the adventurous, you may have had to put your skateboards away.

However, because of the release of a new jewelry line, ladies can embrace their old sport of choice at any age. Earth 911 reported that company Recycled Skateboards International (RSI) has been repurposing old boards into things, like key chains and belt buckles, and is now extending their line to include jewelry.

Company owners Devin and Lisa Kelly began this project to stop boards from being thrown into landfills, as they're not easily biodegradable. The circular accessories are available in rings, bracelets and pendants for necklaces.

If wearing an actual piece of skateboard is not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to accessorize with a skateboard theme. For instance, fashionistas can invest in charms for their charm bracelets symbolic of the sport, while other pendant styles are also available to show a preference for the pastime.