Ancient styles become popular now

Numerous movies concerning ancient times feature certain clothing choices that are coming back into style. In particular, a focus on classical civilizations has been influencing ensembles all over the country lately. While many women have been seen wearing Greek-style empirical-waisted dresses, gladiator sandals and cuffs, some experts believe that Egyptian goods will be particularly trendy during the beginning of 2013.

Hemmerle recently released a new collection of accessories with an Egyptian flair, according to design guide Wallpaper. For example, the pieces, which include earrings, rings, cuffs and necklaces, are made of exotic woods and metals. The pieces often feature symbols and shapes popular to that culture like pyramids, flowers, pharaohs and birds.

According to fashion blog Style Goes Strong, there are a number of different ways fashionistas can show their love for the Egyptian culture. For example, statement bib/collar necklaces have been sought out by many classical civilization buffs, particularly in blue and gold hues, which are colors central to kingdoms of the past.

Ladies might want to make these stylish pieces the central focus of their ensembles, so they should consider wearing simple outfits when sporting the pieces, like a classic-cut dress or jeans and a white T-shirt.