Repurpose your old, tired jewels

It's a bummer, but it's happened to almost every woman – you break one of your favorite pieces or lose part of a jewelry set. Maybe just one of your favorite earrings is among the missing, or a pendant keeps falling off a necklace because the ring that fastens it is bent. No matter the reason, if something like this occurs, fashionistas shouldn't lose hope, they can always fashion their pieces into different items!

According to KSTP-TV, making magnets out of old pieces of jewelry is relatively quick and easy. The source suggested using pliers to remove posts or sharp pins, then affixing them to a basic magnet using something like a hot glue gun.

A FaveCrafts blog also showed how anklets or bracelets can be pieced together using pliers to create a new necklace. This might be perfect if the wearer only has pieces of the accessories left after a favorite bracelet broke or was damaged.

Of course, another valid option is selling the broken or mismatched accessory for scrap metal or the value of any stones present. But, why not remain enjoying your pieces, creating new memories with them?