Men’s statement rings make a big splash

Many individuals believe that women have much more creative liberty than men when it comes to accessorizing. While yes, many guys like to show off their fashion sense by wearing watches, some necklaces, bracelets and earrings, ladies typically have more choices.

That theory might be disproven, because a number of men are expanding their jewelry collections. Statement rings have become a masculine way of showing a guy's favorite styles and that he cares about accessorizing and looking good.

The style is being propagated by American Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Known for his prowess in the water and regular guy personality on the deck, he was recently profiled by People Stylewatch because of his penchant for the piece. He was pictured in the magazine wearing a large silver and black statement bauble on his right hand, having matched with with a black beaded bracelet and necklace set.

As far as these accessories, guys do have a lot of choices. They can wear rings made of a number of different metals from gold to tungsten and can chose those that have different colored stones for a cool effect.