Spooktacular jewelry for Halloween afficionados

When most individuals put Halloween and jewelry together, some may picture the plastic-pink baubles that adorn little girls as they trick or treat dressed as princesses. Or, others might think of the earrings that line the ears of guys doing their best Captain Jack Sparrow impression on Oct.31.

Costume jewelry is usually all the rage in the fall. However, many designers have put out themed, high-end lines that appeal to individuals who enjoy the fun holiday, but aren't willing to sacrifice their exquisite taste. From necklaces and bangles to earrings and charms, people can buy their accessories in a number of different colors and inlaid with stones that feature the hues that are characteristic of the season.

Maybe those who want to honor the holiday should invest in pieces with amethyst for a spooky purple tinge, onyx for the quintessential black of Halloween or amber for an eerie-orange glow.

One of the easiest ways to invest in jewelry associated with Halloween is to find small pendants for scary-themed charm bracelets. Popular symbols can include ghosts, cats, pumpkins, scarecrows, bats, monsters or a number of other fun icons that will carry those who love the holiday through the season!