What’s the word? Pendants inspire

Necklaces are some of the most commonly worn accessories by men and women of all ages. The pieces can mean something special to the wearer, or they can simply be the focus of an otherwise plain outfit.

Within the realm of necklaces, individuals have many choices – they can pick out a classy string of pearls, a plain leather strap, an elaborate chain inlaid with stones or a number of other styles. Pendants are often present on this type of jewelry, and symbols that contain script are becoming more popular.

Recently, to promote the new Broadway show "Scandalous," NBC's "Today Show" hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb showed off their new necklaces. The pieces were comprised of a gold chain and golden cursive lettering that read "Scandalous," showing this style is popular on any individual.

However, script pendants are often trendy for a younger set. Rather than the more mature option of buying stone or symbol pendants, many little girls opt to buy a necklace featuring their name, a fun saying or their first initial. Buying these pieces can hone a younger lady's interests and get her started out on the right foot when it comes to jewelry.