Better to be safe than sorry – go easy on the accessories

Many budding fashionistas know that the chunky look is in right now. It's very trendy to mix and match numerous different bangles, wear a few cocktail rings that vary in theme at once and don multiple necklaces of varying lengths. However, ladies need to know that over accessorizing is a major faux pas.

According to fashion blog She Knows, if an accessory is particularly bold, it's probably best to make that the focal point of an outfit. For instance, women should never pair a statement necklace with a bevy of large cocktail rings, because they will compete too much and drown out the rest of your look, the source explained.

Some celebrities have been guilty of this fashion don't. MSN highlighted the biggest stars that have gone down this road, including Steven Tyler, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp and the Olsen twins. Though they are some of the most sought-after stars as far as fashion goes, they've been known to toe the line when it comes to wearing too much.

To tone it down, try sticking to just two or three different types of pieces at once. For example, if you want to wear a necklace and earring set that goes great with an outfit, think about skipping the rings and bangles that night.