Dark diamond in the rough?

When the word diamond comes up in a conversation, most people tend to think about the sparkling, white variety. However, stylistas have a number of options when choosing the right stone for an accessory – pink and yellow diamonds are also popular, for example.

However, fashion experts have discovered that many males have begun incorporating a rarer type of stone into some of their pieces – black diamonds. In particular, many jewelry designers have seen requests for black diamonds in rings lately.

This style is often associated with both edgy and classy looks. Many guys like the appearance, as the incorporation of the stones are seen as a good way to make a classic look more modern. Notably, the style has been embraced by a number of celebrities, like rapper Jay-Z, who mentioned black diamonds in his song "Off That."

There are a number of different pieces in which guys can incorporate their favorite diamonds or stones, no matter their preference. Some perennial favorites include cufflinks, pendants on necklaces, earring and bracelets. There are even more options for females, if they like the look on the men in their lives.