Get in touch with your inner bombshell

The 1950s was a decade that's fashion was marked by bombshells and snazzy dressers. At the helm of women's styles was Marilyn Monroe, who is still a revered actress and celebrity today. A classic story of rags to riches, the late star was known for wearing gorgeous outfits and dripping in jewels.

Because of the interest that endures, the Multimedia Commerce Group and Authentic Brands Group indicated interest in starting a jewelry line under the Marilyn Monroe brand, a collection that was launched on October 10.

"As we continue to develop licensing partnerships across retail and wholesale categories, we believe jewelry will be a key component in representing the timeless elegance that Marilyn Monroe embodies," noted Nick Woodhouse, chief marketing officer of the Authentic Brands Group.

There are currently five collections – Mitsou Fashion, Golden Goddess, Red Carpet Style, Shades of Brentwood and Holmby Hills Classics. Each of them encompasses different styles Monroe favored over the course of her life. Drop earrings, pearl necklaces, cocktail rings and other staple pieces make up the lines.

Individuals who want to make the bombshell's look their own should consider buying accessories with diamonds or colored crystals and wearing them with understated but elegant ensembles, in pure Marilyn style.