Be a material girl: Embrace ’80s fashions

When people think about vintage jewelry, they tend to think about pieces that were popular in the 1920s or 1930s, instead of those from more recent decades like the 1980s. Many ladies have chosen to leave the 1980s in the past, forgetting about their perms, penchant for Madonna and legging and skirt combos.

However, because of recent trends that involve getting in touch with your rock 'n' roll side, a number of women are dusting off pieces they haven't worn in 30 years, because it's the hip thing to do. According to The Doings Weekly,a publication by the Chicago Sun-Times, colored jeans, jackets with puffy shoulders and chunky sweaters are experiencing a resurgence, and jewelry worn at that time is also popular.

The source said, in particular, large ornament earrings or hoops and bangles are the two styles that have come back with a vengeance. While many women may have purchased these pieces in the 1980s after seeing singers like Madonna, Susanna Hoffs and Joan Jett wearing them on album covers, the popular trends now include a more modern twist.

To stay hip to the trends today, ladies may want to spice up their old bracelets by pairing them with the colorful accessories flying off the shelves now. Mixing and matching metals, stones and colors on stacked bangles, though probably frowned upon decades ago, is a stylish look now, as is pairing chandelier earrings with small studs in other holes.