Kim wears her heart on her ear?

There have been a multitude of stories revolving around Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's relationship in the media lately, with some news providers saying they hope to marry soon and others claiming they're looking into buying a house together.

This can bring back memories from when we first found out about the pairing last spring. Kanye wrote a song mocking Kim's ex, then the two were snapped jet setting. However, one of the biggest signs they were dating came when Kim was photographed at Los Angeles International Airport wearing earrings showing her devotion.

In late April, Kim stepped out wearing two yellow gold earrings in the second and third holes in her ears featuring the letters "K" and "W," seemingly to honor her boyfriend. Rather than wearing something too overwhelming, the pieces were studs and the reality television star chose not to wear any baubles in her first hole.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, it may be a good idea to purchase something that shows your love for your partner. On top of earrings, pendants or charms for bracelets featuring letters or short words have been popular lately.