Putting the pedal to multiple medals

In the past, many fashion experts would tell budding stylistas to never mix and match patterns. This rings true for the jewelry industry – most people tend to not mix vastly differing stones or metals. However, sector veterans are now saying that it's fine, trendy even, to sport different metals at the same time.

Not only is layering pieces popular this season, but stacking different metals is in as well.

"Don't be afraid to mix silver, gold and even brass or copper in one look," explains jewelry veteran Janet Kinkade. "While you don't want to go overboard, you can subtly bring out different tones in layers that catch the eye and complement your wardrobe."

People Stylewatch recommends wearing accessories like bangles or necklaces in different tones, and suggests they be worn in equal amounts. The source notes this trend is as popular with men as it is with women this year.

According to People Stylewatch, wearing gold, rose gold and silver together might be another good look. That also means that if these three tones are worn, they can match just about any other accessory the fashionista wants to sport, whether that means adding a little edge with spikes or going for a preppier look with ribbons.