Somewhere beyond the sea – shell pieces taking fashion by storm

Despite the fact that the fall season is now in full swing, with Halloween quickly approaching and many trees starting to change colors and drop their leaves, some people like to hold on to the summer as long as possible. This can be seen everywhere from runways to sidewalks, as fashionistas are still sporting seashell-themed accessories.

According to, many designers like to fashion pieces out of the hard materials they find on the beach. For example, Alabama-based designer Marlene Johnt likes to stick to more weathered shells, like oysters, clam and hermit crab pieces, rather than pristine accessories. Pieces like these are unique to the wearer, as no two pieces can be the same.

The source also suggests sea-themed pieces can make great stocking stuffers, because this is a trend that's not expected to wane any time soon.

That is not to say that pieces featuring actual seashells are the only viable options when fashionistas are trying to stick to this trend. Metal pendants molded into a traditional shell or conch shape have also been widely seen as of late. Sea-themed bangles and charms for other bracelets have also been popular despite the end of the summer season.