Yoko Ono marches to her own drum with new jewelry line

Wife of the late John Lennon and celebrity in her own right, activist Yoko Ono recently decided to release her own jewelry line. She set out to create timeless pieces, relying on a popular style – keys.

The new jewelry maker released a collection including two limited edition necklaces featuring key designs, called Key To Open The Universe and Key To Open The Forest. The first is adorned with crystals, while the latter is a plainer metal pendant, Time Magazine reports.

In an interview with the news source, Ono reveals that she believes keys are strong symbols and perfect for jewelry, as they can open figurative doors as well as literal ones. Strength is a big motif in her designs, as she chose Swarovski crystals to adorn the pieces because of their durability and ability to stay the same, no matter how long the passage of time.

Ono's necklaces or similar styles could be paired with just about any current clothing trend. The accessories can be worn with other silver jewelry, a black shirt and pants for an edgy look or be worn solitary with a sundress to appear delicate and feminine.