Don’t go overboard with the metals

The edgy look is very trendy everywhere, as no matter their personality, people want to appear sassy and hardcore. One of the easiest ways to do this is to wear a lot of metal, in clothes and jewelry alike.

At the Emmy Awards, Lucy Liu took to the red carpet in a metal dress by Versace. Because the frock was made almost completely of metal, the actress went light on the jewelry. To do otherwise would have been far too overwhelming and juvenile.

According to fashion guide, whenever metallics are incorporated into any outfit, corresponding jewelry must be minimal. Even sequins and grommets count in this situation, the source notes.

One of the best, most versatile ways individuals can appear edgy without going overboard on metals is to buy new pieces of jewelry that can be worn alone to appear classy or together to adopt a rock 'n' roll look. For example, one heavy metal statement ring can be worn with just about any ensemble, but paired with multiple similar rings, the rock look is easy to achieve.