What bride wants a ring that can shatter?

Engaged couples plan their perfect wedding days for months, if not years, to make sure everything is fun and runs smoothly. They like to choose durable rings they love, because after all, the plan is to wear them for the rest of their lives. However, what if these pieces shatter into numerous pieces? Most couples might take this as a bad omen, destroying their futures.

Individuals choosing their wedding bands and engagement rings can avoid this entirely by investing in only the strongest materials. According to the informational guide Everything Wedding Rings, jewelers rate many factors, like durability, availability and hypoallergenic qualities, on a one-to-10 scale.

The source explained tungsten is widely recognized as the most durable wedding ring material, with a score of 10, followed closely by titanium and stainless steel, which both garnered scores of nine. The popular metals gold and platinum came in at seven and eight, respectively.

TalkFashionWorld.com notes, however, that The Broken Promises Coalition is calling for vendors of tungsten carbide bands to cease advertising them as being indestructable. Despite the inclusion of tungsten, the mix of elements can shatter in certain conditions, the source reports.

With the right materials, couples can ensure their rings are as strong and long-lasting as their love.