Out-of-the-ordinary materials are all the rage

This fall, many consumers are choosing jewelry made with out-of-the-ordinary materials for their autumn accessories. As such, people can expect to see necklaces, bangles, earrings and other pieces made out of items that aren't traditionally thought of as elegant.

For example, according to Rapaport Magazine, designer James de Givenchy is pairing with Fonderie 47 to create jewelry made out of recycled AK-47 steel and conflict-free diamonds. The Phoenix Collection will be crafted from guns seized by Fonderie 47 in an effort to repurpose the metal and make African war zones safer.

"I would like the wearer to feel how they are the agents of the change that will be made," Givenchy told Rapaport.

Other trends include jewelry made from recycled materials, bringing a whole new meaning to going green. Craftster.org reports that many people are fashioning pieces themselves, including soda can earrings, bracelets made of computers' memory chips and earrings from small computer parts.

For individuals who want to be daring without wearing guns or household items, stainless steel jewelry, amber and agate are all in this season as well.