The pros and cons of platinum wedding bands

Before their special day, the bride- and groom-to-be have many decisions to make to ensure their wedding turns out just right. For example, they've got to pick out the right flower combinations, their favorite type of cake, what song they'll first dance to as man and wife and many other things. They also have to make sure they've picked out the right wedding rings. But what should these bands be made out of?

Many people consider platinum to be a major contender when choosing the best metal. However, like with anything, there are both pros and cons to choosing platinum.

The metal has been extremely popular among celebrities lately, so picking platinum is definitely the trendy thing to do. Additionally, many jewelry experts consider it the most secure metal in terms of holding gemstones and diamonds, which can be important on bands. Many believe it's one of the most durable elements.

However, most fans know that despite general durability, platinum can still get scratched and lose its luster. Moreover, it can be a lot more expensive than white gold or silver, so the couple needs to decide how much they'd like to invest. Finally, the metal is a lot heavier than the others, which could prove to be somewhat uncomfortable.