Rubies set to be a focal point of fall

Different gemstones tend to be in the spotlight during particular times of the year. Though this tends to follow the birthstone calendar, July's stone, the ruby, will be a focal point this fall. This is because the gem will be front and center on several movie posters during the upcoming season.

The promotional poster for Lindsay Lohan's new Lifetime television movie, Liz & Dick, based on the love affair of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, was recently released. It showcases the starlet, looking strikingly like the late actress, wearing many of her famed baubles. This includes a massive diamond engagement ring and a red and white bangle.

The focal point of the outfit, however, is the large diamond and ruby necklace around her neck. As the movie is slated to be aired in November, many women worldwide will be honing in on the jewels.

Necklaces were a large part of Taylor's collection, according to the UK's Daily Telegraph, many of which were auctioned off in December 2011. The source notes that the actress wore two similar ruby and diamond necklaces, the famed ring from Burton and a diamond and emerald pendant necklace, all of which were sold in London.