How to layer jewelry like a pro

The layered look has been everywhere lately – from Fashion Week onlookers layering necklaces to male celebrities rocking multiple bracelets on the red carpet. However, when done wrong, the look can appear forced, gaudy and clunky. To do it right, Redbook Magazine offers a few simple tips that should be followed to pick the right accessories.

When choosing numerous bracelets, the source recommends picking ones of various widths. One focal point, like a uniquely colored or designed cuff, is a good idea, and can go well with bangles, beaded jewelry and other colors, but there should be some common factor that links all the pieces.

Metals, too, can be mixed, Redbook notes. Though this is a relatively new suggestion, gold and silver can be successfully paired when wearing layered jewelry, especially with bangles and necklaces. Again, there should be a style feature that ties the pieces together.

Also, trendy individuals should be aware that only one set of jewelry should be layered at a time. Though it may look edgy to layer both rings and necklaces, or any other combination, at the same time, it's going to look childlike and much too cluttered.