Rings – the latest male celebrity trend

When you think of celebrity males wearing jewelry, classic Rolexes, diamond stud earrings or bohemian-style layered necklaces may come to mind. However, a rising trend is now emerging, thanks to some of Hollywood's leading men. Many actors and singers are wearing rings, though not to symbolize their commitment in marriage.

This was recently seen on Bradley Cooper. An actor who many men emulate for his class and suave style, Cooper was photographed at the Toronto International Film Festival signing autographs. Visible on his right ring finger was a simple gold band, a style that many men might copy.

According to Us Weekly Magazine, the star wears his late father's wedding band as a tribute to his dad, which Cooper revealed on Howard Stern's Sirius XM radio show.

Male guide The Art of Manliness explains that there are some unspoken rules about males wearing rings. For example, they should never mix and match metal tones, should keep precious stones to a minimum and can incorporate wood or bone for an added element of fashion. Wedding bands and heirloom pieces, however, are exceptions to all of the rules, the news source explains.