Examining the appeal and prominence of rose gold

You might have heard your mother or a friend discuss her rose gold earrings before, but have you ever wondered what makes this variety so special? Rose gold is pink in color, and it's the perfect middle ground between the occasionally dull yellow variety and overly polished white style.

Whether you're interested in a rose gold necklace or simply want to know more about the type, there are a few things to recognize. First, rose gold is a mix of gold with other metals to give it its unique tint. The same goes for white gold, which has a silver-like appearance.

Next, QuoteGold.com states that rose gold is created to be strong enough to be used in a wide variety of jewelry ranging from rings to earrings.

In recent years, the Los Angeles Times reports that rose gold has grown in popularity, particularly with vintage jewelry. Many people believe that its uniqueness in color and style give pieces of jewelry an aged look. More brides are looking for rose gold wedding bands to incorporate the metal into their collections. Although it may seem like a fad, it appears that rose gold is here to stay.