How did Nicole Scherzinger sparkle on the red carpet?

Former Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger sparkled at a recent red carpet event, appearing on the arm of famed musician in promotion of his album, Willpower. Scherzinger, who was born in Honolulu but raised in Kentucky, has scored seminal hits in the last decade with such songs as, When I Grow Up, Stickwitu and Don't Cha.

Just how did this pop sensation steal the limelight? In radiant accessories, of course! Donning several cocktail rings in gold and other hues, Scherzinger electrified the event with her one-of-a-kind allure. Her luminous cocktail dress, white heel boots and sleek updo only helped cement her status as the evening's true star.

Women who aren't content to fade to the periphery of a party could learn a thing or two from the commanding and luminous Scherzinger, whose poise in front of the cameras is a true sight to behold. Glittering cocktail rings made from 14 karat gold could be just the addition to ensure your ensemble catches the attention of everyone in the room!