How to wear heavy beaded jewelry

Do you want to make a bold statement during your next outing? While the paparazzi may not follow your every move with a camera, you can be sure that by incorporating dazzling chunky jewelry that you'll be the star of any event. 

According to, one of the trendiest looks for this fall is heavy jewelry. From necklaces to bracelets, this style manifests in many forms and can work as an excellent complement to your work attire or cocktail dresses. Necklaces with beads are both thick and channel a certain au natural grace which is perfect for classes when your concentration is likely more focused on cramming for the next big exam.

Heavy bracelets made of wooden beads or gemstones work well with peasant dresses and richly textured prints, but may overwhelm more monochromatic apparel which features clean lines and solid colors. It all depends on your overall aesthetic and how much emphasis you devote to accessories. Exquisite pieces deserve to be the centerpiece of your look and if they're only an afterthought, they may not be as effective as they would otherwise.