How did Holly Robinson Peete steal the spotlight?

Actress Holly Robinson Peete has enjoyed an extensive career in the entertainment industry. From the hit television show Hangin' with Mr. Cooper to the series Love, Inc., which ended in 2006, the Philadelphia-born star has showed off her abilities in a range of comedic roles. While Robinson Peete's success in Hollywood can be credited to her versatility and range, it was her keen choice of jewelry at a recent event that displayed why she has remained a fixture in the public eye for so long.

At a recent charity event hosted in Culver City, California, Robinson Peete wore a vivid display of fine jewelry, including several bracelets which featured beads and a turquoise pendant necklace that complemented her white and pastel-colored ensemble flawlessly. Her yellow blouse and matching white tank top suggested that she felt poised at the function, and while her beaded bracelets were in numerous colors, each enhanced the look of Robinson Peete's chic apparel.

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