How to show off sparkling earrings like Mimi Rogers

With a career spanning three decades, actress Mimi Rogers has enjoyed great success in the entertainment industry. In the 1980s and early 90s, the Florida-born star appeared as a special guest on several notable television shows, including Magnum, P.I., Hill Street Blues and Quincy M.E.

She later parlayed her success into film roles, including Lost in Space and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. The former Mrs.Tom Cruise has also shown off her enviable sense of style – consider a few of these tips to recreate it!

As one of the stars of the film Hope Springs, Rogers arrived at the red carpet premiere in New York City looking radiant in her all-white shift dress and dazzling earrings and bracelets. Her ultra-flattering dress, which featured a taupe-colored hem and vivid pattern, helped her look poised and confident in front of the camera lens. Her brilliant selections for accessories highlight just how well put-together this Hollywood veteran is.

Ladies who want to command the room can learn a thing or two from Rogers' breathtaking fashion sense. Embracing a muted color palette can be an excellent way to let sparkling accessories shine without overwhelming an ensemble. For durable and exquisite fine jewelry, consider earrings in 925 sterling silver.