Capture the essence of chic with cues from Nicky Hilton

Famed socialite Nicky Hilton may not be as notorious as her sister Paris, yet the New York-born celebrity has garnered plenty of attention for her cutting-edge style and innovative vision for fashion. Hilton, who has appeared on the red carpet several times over the last decade, can be the perfect inspiration for your next ensemble.

For a recent film screening hosted at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York, Hilton donned a breathtaking red and black shift dress featuring an animal print. The lithe blonde looked radiant in the warm summer colors, and with her silky tresses hanging by her shoulders she seemed the picture of ease in front of the cameras. Yet while Hilton's attire made a scene, her chic accessories really stole the show.

Want to create a huge splash at your next get-together with friends? With cues from Hilton's perennially trendy look, you're sure to fill your pals with envy as you saunter into the room. For an unexpected burst of glam, pair nude heels with a vibrant cocktail ring that glitters with the finest cubic zirconias you can find. You can also channel the summer with rings in a delicate floral design.