Green beaded necklace helps elevate Julia Voth’s style

Actress and model Julia Voth rose to fame when her likeness was used for the character Jill Valentine in the 2002 video game Resident Evil. The statuesque brunette has since appeared in the television series The Phone, as well as the films Project: S.E.R.A. and Amelia's 25th. While Voth still continues to ascend the Hollywood ladder of success, it's easy to be inspired by her serene style and keen eye for accessories.

At the Los Angeles premiere of Step Up Revolution, Voth made sure all eyes were on her by wearing a super-chic sheer black dress with an off-shoulder neckline. With her slender legs visible through the gossamer material, Voth's slinky dress stood out despite the sea of fellow well-coiffed stars. For accessories, she wore a brilliant necklace made of heavy green beads that brought out her eyes.

Do you want to claim the limelight for your own? Bring Voth's sultry appeal to your next social event in a showstopping necklace featuring multicolored beads. This kind of exquisite jewelry treads the line between earthy and elegant without skipping a beat. For added luster, consider a matching beaded bracelet to match the hues of your stunning attire.