Mad about Helen Hunt’s style

Academy Award-winning actress Helen Hunt rose to fame with the hit series Mad About You, which ran from 1992 to 1999. The California-born star followed up her breakout role with appearances in 1997's As Good As It Gets, as well as the films What Women Want and Cast Away, both of which were released in 2000. As a fixture in Hollywood for over two decades, Hunt has evolved over time. Her self-assured and confident taste in fine jewelry has followed suit. With a few of these tips, you can claim Hunt's charming look for your own.

At the Los Angeles premiere of the film Savages, Hunt wore a textured black dress with a Y-neckline that complemented her fair skin and blonde hair. The actress paired her look with matching black heels that helped elongate her legs. For accessories, she chose dangling earrings made with tiny loops of gold, while on her wrist she donned a bracelet made of sparkling multi-colored beads. Her shining selections made her apparel seem all the more effervescent.

Ladies who want to make a stunning appearance at top-notch social events will be hard-pressed to find attire as keenly well-suited to the glamour of the red carpet as Hunt's own. Golden accessories can accentuate the natural beauty of women with pale complexions and lend an aura of unparalleled sophistication to any ensemble.