Show her how much you care with a claddagh love pendant

Hailing from Ireland, claddagh rings are a charming symbol of devotion and romance that can be used to accent your accessories collection, or even substitute for standard engagement rings or wedding bands.

The claddagh is known for bearing a distinctive design, of which there is much symbolism. The rings are said to represent all the elements needed to ensure a successful romantic relationship. The hands which hold the ring together are thought to represent friendship, while the heart they cradle is a clear indication of the need for love and passion to be present in a relationship. Lastly, the crown which rests atop the heart suggests loyalty.

Have you always been unsure about how to wear a claddagh? The ring can be used to symbolize your attachment to another, or if you're lacking a significant other, it can be used to denote your single status. To show your heart belongs to someone, wear your ring on your right hand with the crown directed away from the base of your ring finger. If the crown is pointed inward, it means you're still searching for the one.

Even though claddaghs are most commonly seen in ring form, several stunning styles are available that can allow you to show this traditional look off in unconventional ways. For a blend of classic claddagh style and personal significance, try a claddagh love pendant necklace in the color of your birth stone. Lab-created rubies, emeralds and other gemstones can make this piece of fine jewelry really come to life.